If you are among the savvy business managers already utilizing retargeting strategies, then congratulations on choosing one of the most effective online marketing strategies available.

However, not all retargeting campaigns are designed equally; some produce positive results and others don’t produce the best results for your company. Below are the retargeting plans that we have personally observed to be successful for those advertising online.

Closing the Sale: How to Convert Your Interested Shoppers Into Buyers

If you’re already working on retargeting ads, then you have Google Analytics ready to go and you’ve placed your pixel and started creating a user list in order to serve branded adverts to your website users. This is a great start but now you need to optimize your clicks and customer conversions so that you can maximize your profit. Follow the steps below and you’ll have a lot more success.

How to Categorize Your Potential Shoppers

Audiences In Google Analytics

You should divide your visitors into segments based upon the products they’ve clicked on. Once you have segmented the different interests of your prospective customers, now all you need to do is design a clever, attractive ad with text and visuals catered to those interests. Although a generic ad might seem to be a smart idea that will generate more possible interest, when it comes to retargeting this will be a waste of money when you’re trying to connect with someone who has already demonstrated interest in certain goods.

You also want to recapture their attention soon, the more quickly you remind them, the more likely they are to decide to return to your site and make that purchase. The more time lapses, the more likely they are to forget about the product and be distracted by something new, or to buy it from one of your competitors.

Shorten Cookie Duration, Increase Consumption

The smartest strategy is to set a shorter duration on your Cookies so that you display your retargeting ads in front of the shoppers who looked at your products most recently. When it comes to retargeting, you’ve got to jump on the boat before it’s too far from the dock. In other words, when someone visits your site and shows interest in goods you sell, the best time to retarget them is as soon as you possibly can. As time goes on, the boat gets further way, or their interest may dwindle and be harder to recapture.

Diversify your ads

When you spend precious time and money on your ad campaigns, it’s important to channel these resources so that you get the best return for investment on your ads. Diversify and mix it up a bit; try out different sized ads. Most importantly, place your retargeted ads on multiple retargeting channels, such as Facebook and Adwords. The idea is to cover as many outlets and bases as you can so that your brand is visible to as many potential and previous shoppers as possible.

Reward Customer Loyalty; Offer More Savings for Repeat Buyers

Loyalty ad campaigns are an essential best practice in which your company rewards customers who keep coming back to buy your products. Loyalty rewards create a situation that’s beneficial for both your company and the customer; if you aren’t taking advantage of this win-win opportunity, then you’re missing out on an easy way to grow your company’s success and reputation.

As an advertiser, encouraging and rewarding repeat shoppers statistically increases your brand adoption and sales and the buyers are attracted to these ad campaigns because they can save a little bit of their hard earned funds.

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