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Location Based Marketing

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What Is Traffic Oxygen?

Traffic Oxygen is a technology company that uses cutting-edge targeting to bring the exact right customers to your website and then stay in front of them until they buy. 


We deliver a location-based targeting for audience creation which pinpoints your ideal customer based on where they have been and what they have been doing.

Email/Display Retargeting Follow Up

We are able to retarget visitors using E-Mail (yes … you read this correctly, E-Mail) for people who visit your website, e-commerce site, or landing page.  Then we use an advanced follow-up email campaign to maximize sales and conversions.

Display Advertising

How We Do It?

We use several cutting-edge technologies paired together to create not only a highly targeted audience, but then we bring them to your website and capture their emails, place a cookie on their browsers, and begin an email campaign to them in 5 minutes from when they visited your website.  Then they start seeing your display ads as you retarget them and bring them back to your site when they’re ready to buy.

Big Data & Local Geo Display Advertising

You may have used the other platforms and have become dizzy with the multiple options, buttons (so many buttons!), and data that you want to pull your hair out! We save you from that, tell us in human terms and we make the magic happen for you!

Geo Conquesting

Precise satellite technology picks up mobile advertiser IDs from competitors’ locations or where you know your target audience is. We can advertise to them for the life of their phone, cross-device, and layer in demographics to fit your ideal customer.

Email Collection

We collect emails from those who visit your website, e-commerce site, or landing pages without them having to fill out forms or take any action.  We then begin a nurturing campaign to bring them back.  This with a display retargeting campaign brings your potential buyers back when they’re ready to purchase. 


Did you know that most people who see retargeted ads appreciate them because they remind them to do things they meant to do before they got distracted?  Retargeting your previous visitors can be your least expensive and most profitable marketing.

Real-Time Bidding

We have a seat on the floor of the bidding room so we can get you the best placements at the lowest prices.  We use machine learning algorithms to auto-adjust your bids to make sure you have the most powerful positions at the lowest cost.

Streaming Audio Advertising

Ever wonder where the ads come from on iHeartRadio or Spotify? We put them there! We can put you there for people in your target area listening to iHeartRadio, Spotify, and many others.   Call us to talk about how this can work for you!

Interest Ads

Whether they like yoga, they are vegan, democrat, republican, drive a Mercedes, or a Toyota, we have thousands of ways to target people based on things they are interested in.

Video & GIF Display Advertising

Add some movement to your campaigns by running either an animated GIF file or perhaps a full video that plays where the ads normally show up.

Contextual Ads

Run ads on websites, blogs, and publications where you know your brand will resonate. Dying to be on Forbes? Do you know that if you could just be seen on bridal websites customers will fall in love with your product? We do that and can layer in the demographics to only show ads to those who fit your brand and pricing.

Address Advertising

Know the addresses of the people you want to target?  Awesome, we can find the computers and cell phones that are in those homes and send ads for your company to those devices.

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