National Brands

Focus on Your Business, We Focus on Your Branding

Done With You

Our technology is robust. There is no need for you to get your MBA in Marketing just to get your feet in the door.

Banner & Landing Page Creation

Save thousands by not hiring expensive digital illustrators.

Campaign Set Up

So many options, so many buttons. We have your back.

We Identify Your Target Audience

We do this all day long and see thousands of successful campaigns. We know the secret sauce. Don’t guess with Google and Facebook!

Weekly Campaign Optimization

We strive to bring down your CPM (cost per 1,000 ad impressions). The lower your price, the more impressions you get for your monthly ad spend.

Strategy and Consulting

We know how our tech works and we know marketing. Let’s built what you want with the help of what experiences teaches us will work best.

The best priced big-data & location advertising platform in market.

Need more banners?

$ 175/per Full set of static, GIF or Video as needed

$ 125/per Quick set static

Need a Landing Page?

$ 300/per LP

Need More Campaigns?

$ 150+ ad spend per month

The Traffic Oxygen Bag of Tricks – In a Nutshell

What’s a GeoConquest, & Why is it More?


Satellite technology fences off locations where we/you believe you target customer is.


Relationships with over 180,000 apps (Google Maps, for example) give us permission capture their mobile phone advertiser id.


We can now serve ads to this target for the life of their phone.


Segment out demographics or interests that do not fit your brand (income, interests, sex, etc.)


Filter out employees (or target the owner if you want her attention!)


See where your targets live to gain insights on how far they travel based on your offer & identify demographics & locations you’d not expected.


Send direct mail to the homes of your most desirable targets… just because they were in one of your conquested locations.


Track when these targets potentially convert and enter your location.

That’s Pretty Slick, Explain Yourself, Wizard


Precise satellite technology picks up mobile advertiser id’s from competitors locations or where you know your target audience is. We can advertise to them for the life of their phone, cross-device and layer in demographics to fit your ideal customer.

Real-Time Bidding

We have a seat on the floor of the bidding room so we can get you the best placements at the lowest prices.  We bid in 1 cent increments up to your cap so you always get the lowest price.

Big Data (tiny price)

Usually reserved by agency packages costing thousands of dollars per month to access, we bring big data to the little guys and anyone between. There is virtually no type of interest, ailment, demographic or habit we can’t build an audience for. Your imagination is your only limit.

Retargeting Ads

Did you know that 37% of the people who see retargeted ads appreciate them because they remind them to do things they meant to do, when they got distracted? Retargeting your targeted traffic can be your greatest ally and reward

Video & GIF Display Ads

Add some movement to your campaigns by running GIF and video display ads to your target audience. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video and GIF is the song.

Contextual Ads

Run ads on the websites, blogs and in publications where you know your brand will resonate. Dying to be on Forbes? Do you know that if you could just be seen on bridal websites that customers will fall in love with your product? We do that, and can layer in the demographics to only show ads to those who fit your brand and pricing.

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