Combine Mobile and Desktop Advertising, to target your customer on their phone, home & work computers.

Use display advertising on desktop computers to show your ads to your ideal audience when they’re at home or even at work.

What is Display Advertising?

Have you ever visited Amazon, eBay, or Zappos and then seen the products you were looking at all over the Internet as you were browsing?  These are display ads, and we show your ads to your ideal customers in the same way….all over the Internet.  Your ads could be images, videos, or even text, and these ads encourage your audience to click on them to take them to your website or landing page.  These ads also promote your brand and are intended to drive sales to your company. 

Desktop Advertising

Mobile ads typically drive foot traffic, but Desktop ads are used to drive people to websites and landing pages so they can learn more, research, and purchase online.  We have thousands of criteria to help target exactly the type of audience you are wanting to reach.   Use desktop advertising to get in front of customers as they are working or relaxing with their laptops or computers at home and work.


Cross Device Targeting

Cross device targeting is a technology that enables us to track your ideal customer from their phone, over to their home computers, and even to the computers they use at work after they have left the location where we found them.  That way when we find your audience at a restaurant, a car dealership, a concert, or even a convention and follow them back home and to their work so your ads can be in front of them no matter what screen they choose to look at, or where they are looking.


Advanced Reporting

For Agencies, we have white label reporting to allow you to send a “live” link to your customer so they can see real-time reporting for their project.  Retail customers can see the same real-time reports so they can stay up-to-date with performance whenever they want to see how the campaigns are performing.  There are several reports that include the following:

    • Impressions.
    • Clicks, Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    • Cost-per-click (CPC)
    • Banner Performance (which banners are performing the best)
    • Performance over time (month to month)
    • Total/Monthly Campaign Cost

Display Advertising on Desktop Benefits

  • Target people as they are researching on their laptops or computers.
  • Target your audience at home or at work.
  • Reach your audience after they have visited the locations that you target.
  • Build your brand as your audience sees your brand and logo.
  • Show your ads while they are sitting down working, vs. on the go with mobile ads.

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