You may think you have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if you aren’t using retargeting, you may find you’re missing out on valuable return visitors and potential leads to your website.

What Does It Mean?

It’s a word thrown around a lot in marketing, but what does it actually mean? It’s essentially a little reminder or push to people that have visited your website but left without buying anything or taking action. For example, when you visit a website but leave without purchasing anything, and then find ads for that company keep popping up everywhere you go online; that’s retargeting.

5 Ways To Retarget

It’s no secret that initial interactions with your website don’t reap many rewards, the reality is that 98% of users don’t convert on their first visit. This is why retargeting is so powerful.

Like all advertising, you must act strategically so people are not put off, particularly when using personal online activity. Here’s the 5 best ways to do it:

1. Choose custom audiences

At Traffic Oxygen, we have nearly unlimited options for your retargeting needs.  We can retarget every person that visits your website, or we can retarget specific demographics, show different ads to different types of clients and put demographic restrictions on any ads you don’t want to show to a specific group.  This allows the kind of focused and strategic method for bringing interested clients (warm traffic) back to your client’s website.

2. Cross-channel targeting

We know that your clients are as diverse as their customers and your retargeting strategy should reflect that diversity!   For example; if your client is a roofer, we could build a retargeting group specifically for estimators and another for customers.  We could add a Spanish speaking group with Spanish banners or a retargeting group specifically designed for high income households.  Whatever your needs are we can build a group to meet those needs.

3. Customize for each stage of the sales funnel

You can target people depending on which pages they’ve visited and which stage they are at. If they see the path ahead is paved for them, they will be more likely to convert.

4. Buyer persona targets

The more specific your advertising, the better the return on your investment. That’s why defining a specific buyer persona and customizing your audience will get you better quality traffic.  When designing your ads, think about a specific person you have in mind. By creating your ideal customer, you are more likely to draw these people back to your website.

5. Build brand loyalty with customers

Why target people that are already customers? Well using this marketing technique on existing customers is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand. Rather than forgetting about them, you can build brand loyalty by letting customers know you’re thinking of them and keeping them up to date with new features or offers.


Retargeting is an essential part to all advertising campaigns. Whether you retarget on one platform or five platforms, what matters is you’re retargeting somewhere.