Adding Display Ads to your Marketing Strategy

Online visibility and performance is a key measure of the viability of a business in today’s market.  In an era in which consumers and businesses alike utilize the internet across all facets of everyday life and the exchange of goods and services, a strong business requires a marketing strategy inclusive of well-planned display advertising.

Despite some unfavorable press and the assertion by some that AdWords are preferable because they’re more targeted, Display advertising has consistently been irreplaceable in digital marketing strategies for the following reasons:

  1. Gain Global Brand Awareness

Display ads are the best way to generate brand interest and awareness.  AdWords campaigns on the other hand are not as far reaching.  Display ads cast a global net; what this means for the growth of your business is that your products and services are presented to a wider variety of potential clients or customers.

Compared with SEO and PPC, Display Advertising shows your business to users that could be a match for your services and products whereas SEO and PPC is helpful only for those who are searching and looking at that moment for one of your services.  In other words, Display advertising is geared towards connecting with your target audience through a visual ad and these potential customers may not be actively seeking you out. Even if a user does not click on your ad, they’ve seen the image you wanted them to see and this will help them recognize your company later or remember you when they are seeking your products or services.  Display advertising is also arguably the least expensive way to spread brand awareness on the web.

  1. Optimal Customer Loyalty

Retargeting is a savvy strategy for touching base with previous buyers or visitors.  By displaying an appealing ad for your service or product, you’re encouraging a previous visitor to go back to your website and take another look or make another purchase.  Your Display ad can be retargeted to catch the attention of anyone who has been to your website in the past or purchased from your company.retargeting display advertisingRetargeting is a fabulous way to amp up your conversion rate optimization.  Your website is designed to entice the user to fill out a form or make a purchase or other inquiry, retargeting is a way of attempting to ignite such conversion activity on your site.


  1. Drive more leads, increase conversion rates, and augment offline sales through Display ads

Display advertising has been used for years, and it’s proven to be effective as a digital marketing service that works and produces measurable results.  Your display advertising, done right, will drive up your sales and lead generation.  You’ll be pleased to notice the improvement to your ROI when you optimize your Display ads.

Keep in mind that you’ll want a display banner that’s designed well enough to impress your potential or returning customers and spark their interest in visiting and making purchases at your online store or website.

A great way to utilize Display advertising is to promote special or seasonal offers or to advertise new products.A trick of the trade that proves itself effective for many companies is to include an end time on the offer; this creates a sense of urgency and can produce a FOMO type of feeling which means more web traffic and potential sales for you.

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