The Traffic Oxygen Team

How We Got Started

We have been using RTB for our clients for quite some time. This has been working extraordinarily well, and we have been working in our own platform which gave us greater ease of use and functionality.

Other Marketers have convinced us to release this to the public so they can use this platform, and you are the beneficiary.  We are serious Marketers and trust this platform will help you provide more leads to your clients, cut down on your PPC costs, and help you manage and scale your business faster.

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Team TO

- Chris Ormiston -

Chris Ormiston Traffic Oxygen Owner


- Todd McPartlin -


- Heather Irwin -

Heather Irwin Traffic Oxygen

Business Developent

- Francie Ely -

Francie Ely Traffic Oxygen

Accounts & Billing

- Bert Jones -

Project Manager

- Gaurav -

Software Tech

- Michelle Ormison -

Michelle Ormison

Content Manager

This is really a game changer! This has cut my PPC budget by over 50% by being able to target the same audience in just a different way. My profits are way better and my customers a delighted with these new results. In short...this has transformed my marketing business.

Mark Hughes, Local Marketer

This platform has made my life way clients used to take me 45 minutes to an hour to on-board and now this is only taking me a couple minutes. Not only that..all the stats i normally look at are all on one screen so i can monitor all my accounts on one page.

Kevin Elzey MBA, Fulfilllment Manager

I hope no-one signs up. I would really like to keep this whole thing really quiet so I can maintain my edge and not have them get too big. This is my best kept secret. My profits are up 300% using their platform...and i'm getting 10x the number of leads even though it's not costing as much. Please don't sign up so I can keep this all to myself.

Kurt Ohlson, Local Marketing Agency Owner