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Hulu Certified Advertiser

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Traffic Oxygen is proud to announce that we are now a certified advertiser on Hulu which is a leading streaming service that offers instant access to live and on-demand channels,…

Definitive Guide to Geo-Conquesting & GeoFencing

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Download our “Definitive Guide to Geo-Conquesting & GeoFence Marketing” now!  This is everything you have ever wanted to know about Geo-Conquesting and GeoFencing.  This complete guide will walk you through…

GeoFencing 2019 Dare to GeoConquest

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Marketing and advertising with geotechnology is as diverse as the local or national brands doing the advertising. Major enterprises and local businesses have stepped up their location-based audience targeting for...
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Banner Ads Are For Branding and Retargeting

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Banner and Display Ads are for Branding & Retargeting I didn't get any conversions... I hear it all the time and it's always a blow to hear that an agency...
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What Is GeoConquesting? GeoConquesting, simply put, is the most powerful technology to disrupt local advertising in todays marketing space. Often mistaken for GeoFencing, GeoConquesting has taken a shot of adrenaline to stay...
Analytics Filtering

Analytics Filtering

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Google Analytics has cleaned up ghost spam quite a bit since the outbreak between 2015-2017. However, those spammers that do break through still lure unsuspecting targets to click on dangerous…

Analytics Traffic

Analytics Traffic From Weird Locations?

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Analytics traffic from odd locations confusing your reports? Let me first assure you, your ad spend is not being thrown into geographic locations that you have not specifically asked for….

Customer Lifetime Value – Why It’s So Important For Good Marketing And How To Calculate It

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Oh, customer lifetime value. The metric all businesses should know, but when the question is asked, you get a response similar to an answer on Family Feud, stumbling, guessing, and…

5 Ways To Retarget And Why You Need It In Your Marketing Campaign

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You may think you have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if you aren’t using retargeting, you may find you’re missing out on valuable return visitors and potential…

Cannabis Digital Marketing – Should You Even Try?

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CBD is legal in al 50 states, but Google and Facebook won't let you advertise. THC is legal for adult use in many states and medicinal marijuana is approved in...
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How Geofencing and Location Based Targeting Increase Leads

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We use auto dealerships as an example. Think creatively about your business and how you can utilize geofencing in a similar way. Are you seeking after creative ways of communicating...
5 display ad tips

5 display Ad Tips To Create Better Branding

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Display ads of all colors and sizes are common ornaments of almost all web pages.  In fact, odds are you’ve seen several display ads today while browsing the internet…but do…