We will be adding in Office Hours, which will be 30 minute group strategy sessions. Here, you'll be able to ask any questions like "is this a good market", "how should I position this to a client" or any other strategy related questions. We are moving away from having 1-1 strategy calls and this is going to be your alternative.

Rank the two questions, by dragging to your desired order, so we can adjust our schedule to best fit what works for the majority. You'll be welcome to join any and all of the office hours, which will be help 3-5 days a week at various times (will determine that based off the survey).


Office Hours Survey

    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    We will have office hours held on multiple days a week.
    • 8-10am
    • 10-12am
    • 12-2pm
    • 2-4pm
    • 4-6pm
    The office hours will be 30 minutes. Please select the window of time you'd like the 30 minute window to appear in.