We can target your perfect audience in several ways, all giving you a unique advantage that your competitors don’t use!

Mobile GeoConquesting Ads

Target consumers based on where they physically spend their day. Reach customers at competitors shops. Big event taking place? Promote your ads to the entire trade show in live time with Hyper Mobile ads. Continue to send ads to your audience for the life of their phone. Layer in demographics & endless contextual data to send the right message to their interests.

Audience Targeting

1,000’s of audiences to target. Age, employment status, job title, interest, car they drive. The options are endless! You help describe your perfect customer, our world class team determines the perfect audience.

Segment out audiences by sex, age, income level and many others so you can A/B test your efforts and show creatives they can relate to.

Website Targeting – Contextual

It doesn’t just stop at audiences from physical locations. We can select specific websites to show your business on by URL or context of the websites. Sell auto parts? Show them on auto sites, giving you the ability to not only have a focused audience, but show them your ads when their focus is clearly on your industry or product.


While we are driving traffic, we need to retarget the consumers who are interested. Nearly 97% of users don’t take action the first time they are on a site. It’s imperative you continue to stay top of mind to the audience that has shown some interest in your brand. We produce an easy code that takes 2 minutes to install.